FAQs - Aniventure


Got Questions?

Please find a list below of all of our frequently asked questions and how to get in touch with us.
Can I pitch Aniventure my project?
It’s our company policy not to read unsolicited scripts or story ideas from outside writers. Here are the reasons why:

We do not have the resources to read the hundreds of submissions we would receive if we had an “open door” policy.
There are also legal ramifications if a submission we receive bears a coincidental similarity to a project we produce at a later date: in any case the vast majority of Aniventure’s productions are generated from in-house ideas.

That said, if you have a compelling project with a clean chain of title, solicited by an agent, manager, lawyer or by Cinesite, Trixter, Image Engine or Aniventure you’ve come to the right place. Aniventure and its partners Cinesite, Trixter and Image Engine only review pitches via the pitches tab on our inquiries page.

How can I contact Aniventure rights?
You can contact us about licensing, distribution, or with any other inquiry at info@aniventure.com
I’d like to use an image or video from one of Aniventure’s properties – who do I need to contact?
If you are interested in licensing an image or clip featuring Aniventure content or characters please contact our studio publicist at sophie@aniventure.com
Is there a fan site I can join? Or can I follow Aniventure on social media?
Yes! We have lots of ways you can keep updated with the latest Aniventure news. Follow our social channels at the links on this page
Where can I find out about Aniventure careers?
Any current opportunities will be posted on Aniventure’s LinkedIn page. If you’re seeking a career in CGI animation please visit our animation service partner’s website Cinesite.com/careers for a range of current opportunities at the London, Montreal, Vancouver or Berlin studio.
I have a press inquiry - who can I connect with about this?
If you are a journalist and are seeking information about Aniventure as a company or our slate of projects please don’t hesitate to email sophie@aniventure.com

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.