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Aniventure specializes in development, production, financing and partnerships of animated content for audiences around the world


Story Development
Conceptual and Visual Development
Business Development
Production Strategy
Talent Recruitment


Comprehensive Scheduling and Budgeting
Talent Management
Production Management
Vendor Relations
Audience Testing
Financial Reporting


Production and Co-production Structures
Financial Planning and Forecasting
Raising Capital
Debt Financing
Tax Credit Qualification and Financing (0-100%)
Assistance with Government Sponsored Incentives

Sales & Marketing

Distribution sales
Creative Materials
“I’ve been working on this project for a very very long time and it’s been a rollercoaster! Up and down, back and forth & sideways and every way you can imagine. In some respects, at the very beginning, it was one of the most difficult things i’d ever done, but when Cinesite & Aniventure came aboard the project it has actually turned into one of my most favourite professional experiences of my career.”
Rob Minkoff director & producer of Blazing Samurai
“In my twenty-five years in the animation industry, I've worked for most of the major studios in Hollywood, and I’ve learned to appreciate people who are passionate, creative, and supportive. Aniventure embodies all of that, striving to produce a variety of diverse films that tell compelling stories. The studio provides an environment that allows creatives to make unique films that maintain their own identity, without having to adhere to any one particular style. Rich and sophisticated visuals are embraced. New talent is encouraged and nurtured. One gets the feeling that there is nothing they can’t do, nor is there anything they won’t consider. As an artist trying to tell a story, what more could one ask for? Both in look and tone, the diverse lineup of properties makes Aniventure one of the most attractive animation companies to work with.”
Cinzia Angelini, HITPIG Director & MILA writer and director
“Animated features are unique production beasts, demanding boldness in both vision and leaps — those leaps being ones of faith in the unique vision of their artists and writers. As I wore both those hats with Hitpig, the team Aniventure proved an enthusiastic collaborator in bringing my unique ideas to vivid screen reality. “
Berkley Breathed, Hitpig Creator

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