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Stitch Head


Stitch Head

Animated comedy based on the children's books by Guy Bass


Steve Hudson
Steve Hudson
Robert Ben Garant
Ed Stone
Gringo Films GmbH
Fabrique d'Images
Wild Bunch
Traumhaus Studios

Currently in production with a monstrously good voice cast, this film will be ready for a 2025 delivery.

High above the little town of Grubbers Nubbin looms Castle Grotteskew. Here, in his haphazard laboratory, the maddest of all mad professors brings his latest monstrous creations to (almost)-life.

Watching, hidden in the shadows, is the professor’s first, long-forgotten creation, Stitch Head. A tiny, strange-looking fellow made up of bits, pieces, and spare parts, he is quite a sight to behold, with his bald, round head covered in a patchwork of stitches, and mesmerising eyes.

Stitch Head splits his time between keeping the castle safe & the other monsters hidden. He is terrified that even the smallest sign of monstrousness will cause the townsfolk of Grubbers Nubbin to burn the castle to the ground. It is a job he undertakes with care & precision, until one day a tired-looking freak show comes to town; led by its desperate owner Fulbert Freakfinder. The show is in dire need of a new attraction and when Freakfinder meets humble Stitch Head, he knows he has found his star.

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