Hitpig - Aniventure



From Pulitzer Prize winner Berkeley Breathed


Cinzia Angelini
David Feiss
Berkeley Breathed

When you’re on the lam, they call the ham.

Hitpig, a grizzled porcine bounty hunter accepts his next hit: Pickles, a naive, ebullient elephant who has escaped the clutches of an evil trillionaire. Though Hitpig initially sets out to capture the perky pachyderm, the unlikely pair find themselves on an unexpected road trip across America that brings out the best in both of them. Hitpig’s cold heart thaws as Pickles makes her first real friend.

From Pulitzer Prize-winning author Berkeley Breathed’s wild imagination comes an adventure about learning that sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.

A stellar cast

“When Peter and Lilly agreed to voice our lead characters, it was one of those deliciously rare voilà moments for a writer and artist when the final perfect ingredients are added to one’s cooked-up soufflé of imagination. They’ll bring heartfelt, hilarious performances to our lead characters and deliver the message and theme I had intended when I conceived the story, the hope that unexpected connection can deliver in our disconnected lives. I’m in humbled awe of our entire crew and the endless reserves of ingenuity that they’re bringing to this movie.” Says Breathed of the Hitpigpig cast and crew.

Did you know...

Breathed, who co-wrote the screenplay and is also serving as character designer for the film, is an American cartoonist, children’s book creator, director and screenwriter, best known for creating the classic Bloom County, a 1980s cartoon-comic strip featuring Opus the Penguin. At the height of its popularity, the comic strip “Bloom County” was followed by more than 40 million readers in 1,200 newspapers.

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