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Princess Awesome

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Princess Awesome

She's out to prove she has nothing to prove


Rita Cahill
Sissi Xiao
Deena Berezin Dervenis
Tyler Werrin

Inspired by Chinese mythology

The project centers on a young heroine who is transported to a mythical kingdom and sets out on a quest to restore wisdom and humor in the land.  Princess Awesome will be executive produced by Rita Cahill, who is the co-founder of the Mill Valley Film Festival and member of the Visual Effects Society Board of Directors. “This film goes beyond tropes of female empowerment,” says Cahill. “Princess Awesome is not just about seeing ourselves reflected on screen, but seeing ourselves in the creative roles that bring life to these characters. I’m so happy Princess Awesome and its message has found its home.”

Message is key

The original family feature is penned by newcomer Deena Berezin Dervenis. She says, “I have two young daughters so the messages we’re sending are very important to me. It isn’t about being princesses or awesome, it’s about mistakenly believing we need to be either of those things when we don’t. Therein lies our ability to be and do anything. Since living in Switzerland, taking on a global character that can relate internationally is also an exciting challenge.”

International Appeal

Sissi Xiao who serves as the project’s cultural and script consultant adds, “Living in Beijing, I want the world to know more about us than the yearly Monkey King film; we have thousands of years of other stories. We have much culture to share universally with everyone. Like Deena, I want my young daughter to grow up knowing that she can do anything and live life creatively. I’m so excited to be working on this film.”

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